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The Many Websites and Projects of Xander Pendrake


A Fediverse instance for witches, monsters, and other creatures of the night.

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Written In Forbidden Ink

A Write Freely instance for hosting blogs, with built in fediverse integration.

After Ragnarok

A public domain, open source fantasy setting hosted on a wiki. Open to public contributions.

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The Pawprints Cafe

A forum for furries and otherkin on the fediverse, free from trolls and nazis.


A creepy house floating in space

Lunarpunk.space is a mastodon instance running the Monsterfork. It is dedicated to providing a safe space on the internet for witches, furries, otherkin, monsterlovers, and other creatures of the night. It features a high character count and media storage powered by Jortage. It is Xander's first Mastodon instance and some kinks are still being worked out, but it is growing.

Written In Forbidden Ink

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Written In Forbidden Ink is a Write Freely instance dedicated to giving weird people a place to express themselves, whether it be in fiction, nonfiction, or poetry. Write whatever you want (within the confines of the instance rules, of course), and have up to three blogs with different privacy settings and formats for different projects. "After Dark" and NSFW blogs are welcome, so long as they are appropriately tagged as such.

Registration is currently closed. Contact Xander for an invite.

After Ragnarok

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After Ragnarok is a public domain fantasy setting hosted on a wiki powered by Dokuwiki. Is is licensed under the creative commons and open to public contribution.

In the centuries following Ragnarok, civilization on Alfheim, land of the fae, is rebuilding itself. Teo factions, the Seelie Court of New Alfheim city and the anarchist Unseelie of the Greenwood compete for access to resources and control of the direction the new society is taking.

Check out the wiki, and stay tuned for Xander's serial fiction zine, The Wyrmling, coming in Novermber of 2019.

The Pawprints Cafe

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The Pawprints Cafe is a forum for furries and otherkin on the fediverse to discuss the topics that appeal to them. Yes, that includes adult topics like sex, so don't sign up if you are under eighteen. And don't kink-shame if you do sign up. Everyone's into different things, and that is beautiful.

The Cafe runs on the open-source platform Discourse. It is private, and new users need to be approved by the moderation team. That being said, most new user accounts are approved very quickly, so don't be shy, go ahead and stop by!